A downloadable game for Windows

So This Is The Demo. Full Game Releases On The 3-4 January depending where you are. It Has Level 5 and 6 of The Original Game 

Install instructions

Must Need Winrar Here is The Link If You Dont Have http://filehippo.com/download_winrar/?


UnCubed Demo 29 MB


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Hi again. First thing i noticed that the journey to hell was almost an exact copy of the template of the engine. So my first question is, did you create all this game? Lets say that yes you did. The level doesn´t restart when you fall. The game doesn't end when you reach the green cube and you can't exit from the game. The physics are ok and the challenge is quiet good. Keep working on it, i would like to see the final game ;)

Thanks For The Help

by The Way Your Advise Made Me MAke World, And UnCubed Free So Plz Check Out UnCubed https://official-gems.itch.io/uncubed

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So I Have Just Deleted All Journey To Hell Games Because They Were Not Working Out.

And Also Yes You Are Right I Have Done Some Little Changes. 

By The Way The Game was my first game. SO i did'nt now what to do

Until I Found The Passion For Creating Games

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